In 2017 the Lakeland Wind Farm trial community development program selected two local projects to fund.


The Lakeland Progress Association will use the funds to erect a community notice board to enable the advertising of community events or news. 


The Lakeland First Responders and SES will receive battery powered portable lighting to assist emergency landing of aircraft within their area of operations. These will be used not only for planes landing at airstrips but also helicopters landing in paddocks etc and will replace flares that were previously used.


Lakeland Wind Farm is committed to funding the community development program on an annual basis during construction and operation of the wind farm. The guidelines for the trial program can be downloaded here


Lakeland Wind Farm is committed to using local content, labour and services for construction wherever possible and is seeking expressions of interest from local suppliers. All companies or persons expressing an interest will be included in the formal tendering process with suppliers located closer to the wind farm given precedence.

If you or your company is interested in working on the wind farm, or have questions regarding the services required, please fill in the form below and click ‘submit’. When submitted a copy of the information will be sent to the Lakeland Wind Farm project manager. It will also be added to a database which will be provided to lead contractors when they are selected.


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